fpgpfx0 NZD-Top Running Shoes Black Mizuno Wave EVO Cursoris 2 Running Mens Running Shoes Cushioned / Neutral Road D Minimalist / Barefoot MIZ1394

fpgpfx0 NZD-Top Running Shoes Black Mizuno Wave EVO Cursoris 2 Running Mens Running Shoes Cushioned / Neutral Road D Minimalist / Barefoot MIZ1394


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The Mizuno Wave EVO Cursoris 2 Running Shoes is a brand new innovation, engineered by Mizuno from the ground up, taking into account what runners needs are. The result is a lightweight, flat and flexible running shoe, which helps develop a runners midfoot style, enhancing gait efficiency and improving performance.

The Mizuno U4iC Wave midsole has been designed to be unlike other shoe technologies. When your foot touches the ground, Wave reduces and redirects impact forces away from the foot. Acting a lot like your car's suspension, it cushions and keeps your foot centred in the shoe throughout your stride. Mizuno are gearing different shoes to fit the unique stride of different runners, through the development of multiple wave shapes. So if its a local jog or running past the 20 mile marker, Wave will always feel amazing underfoot.

The Evo series features a slimmer shape also, with a more oblique forefoot shape, which allows toes to splay naturally and equally on the ground, providing a more stable grip for a more confident midfoot stride. The flex grooves on the outsole have also been designed to offer optimal flexibility, enhancing inherent push-off power, with deep grooves both going from heel to toe, and lateral to medial, to improve your overall stride.

  • **NEW** U4ic - A unique midsole compound that rides and cushions like Mizuno's ap+ midsole, but is approximatley 30% lighter without any loss of comfort or performance.
  • Wave EVO - A new wave type which facilitates optimal efficiency for midfoot running. Designed to train you and help you achieve a smoother, more natural running style.
  • Asymmetric Lacing - For enhanced natural fitting and flexibility.
  • Deep Multi-Directional Flex Grooves - Allow for greater flexibility and movement, with deep vertical and horizontal grooves, which help facilitate maximum toe-off power, for SPM stepping.
  • Minimal AIRmesh Upper - Lightweight upper which offers superb breathability, helping to keep your feet cool and comfortable.
  • 12mm Stack Height - The thicker 12mm midsole and wider platform provides more cushioning and stability than the Wave Evo Levitas.
  • Zero Drop Differential - A flat platform inside the shoe provides a barefoot experience, encouraging you to run more naturally on your midfoot, working with the wave to provide maximum efficiency.
  • AP+ Cushioning - Cushioning compound which offers a great level of responsive and soft comfort, helping balance every stride.
  • Weight - 200 Grams

EVO are not only running shoes for everyday use, they're also a 'training tool'. Whether you're new to mid/forefoot running or more experienced, they'll help you run more efficiently and develop a smoother, more natural running style. The cushioned midsole and EVO wave in these shoes offer a choice of minimal or moderate protection, while allowing for a more natural gait. Both shoes in the series are light, faster and more natural.

The Cursoris 2 is more ideal for newcomers to the midfoot/barefoot style of movement and will help you move into the style easier, whilst the Levitas with its lowered stack height, would be better suited for more experienced midfoot runners who already have a developed style.

The shoe is named after one of the earliest bi-pedal creatures: The Eudibamus Cursorsis